"Want results? Hire the guy that will make the opposing council cringe. I was told, don't hire the lawyer you like, hire the lawyer you need. And so I got Eric. Is he perfect? No. But if your soon-to-be-ex is a weaseling scoundrel like mine, you better hire the best or you'll be paying for the longest most painful divorce in history.

"I've seen it happen. Mine? I took Eric at face value. Did everything he told me to do down to the letter. And he wins. Bottom line. I did not win every battle, but we won the war. You don't like him? Fine. Who cares. He's egocentric. That's how he has to be to navigate the waters of the courts. I paid him a fair amount to get my freedom and he did it.

"Freida is his best asset. Be nice to her. She always watches your back when the paperwork is front and center. Can't focus? She'll keep you in line. Love this team. I'm paid a lot, no doubt. But I paid less than 2 of my friends that hired a "cheaper" attorney, but dragged their cases on for years. One is headed to Supreme Court after 8 years. How is that cheap?" — Reviewer from Avvo.com

"I've worked against the Thorsen Law Firm on a number of high net worth divorces and contested custody matters. Eric is an excellent trial lawyer and someone who requires me to bring my "A Game" at all times when he's on the other side." — James Sexton, Divorce & Separation Attorney, Reviewer from Avvo.com

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